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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already have many years of experience driving in another province or country,
or have had my G2 license for more than a year, do I need to take lessons?

Yes, you have to prepare yourself and inform yourself about what it takes to pass a road test and what a G2 or G road test consists of, as well as familiarize yourself with all of the vocabulary driving terms and maneuvers needed to pass a road test.

Remember the Road Test is just like a University or High school course- you must study and know all the possible answers to the test questions or else it will difficult to pass. If you do not prepare properly, thinking that you know what you are doing, and rely on guessing to pass, then you will increase your chances of failing, wasting more money to book another test, wasting additional time, missing work or school again, and acquiring additional stress.

What if I already have a valid driver’s license from another country,
do I need to get my G1 or G2 or G license?

Yes, you must write you G1 knowledge test, and pass it. If you have more than 2 years of driving experience, depending from which country (Canada, England, Netherlands, Sweden, USA, Japan, Germany) you will automatically get a G2 license, but you still need to pass your G Road Test and pay all the fees.

If you have a valid driver’s license from another country besides those listed above with 2 or more years of experience, you must go to the consulate of your country to get a certification of proof of license (fee is about $35) and present it to the MTO when you apply for a G1 license. If you already have a G1 license then go back to the MTO and show them proof of your certification from your country so that you can qualify to get your G2 or G license right away, but remember you only have one chance to get your G license or else you must go directly back to get your G2 license (without a waiting time). Visit www.drivetest.ca for updated or complete information.

What if I failed my road test, when can I book another test?  ▷

First, you must pay for another driving test, and wait for 12 days before attempting to take another test.

What if my license is going to expire?  ▷

Then you must go immediately to a Ministry of Transportation of Ontario office to get a temporary extension free of charge, and immediately book a road test or else you will start all over again from the G1 license and pay all the fees once again.

What if my license expired?  ▷

Then, you will start all over again starting from the G1 license and pay the fees all over again. If you had a full G license and it has been expired for more than six months after the expiration date, then you will start all over again from the G1 license.

What do I bring to my scheduled road test?  ▷

You must arrive at least 30 minutes ahead of your scheduled road test time and present your valid G1 license along with your MTO Driving School Insurance Certificate (if you have taken the full course). You must bring your proper prescription eyeglasses, and a vehicle with proper insurance and ownership that is in safe working condition for the road test. Please read very carefully to the policies for the vehicle requirements for the day of the road test at the Drive Test Center; visit www.drivetest.ca and make sure that you comply or else your road test will be cancelled and you will loose 50 percent of your fees.

We do provide our students with the option of renting our driving school vehicles for a service fee for your G2 or G Road Test. If you have booked an appointment and need a vehicle, please notify us immediately so that your instructor reserves the date and time of your scheduled road test booking and does not schedule another student on the same day and time.

What happens if I do not finish the Driving School Program within six months?  ▷

You will start all over again from the beginning by paying a new fee for the full defensive driving school program for the Insurance Certificate.

What happens if I miss a scheduled lesson with the driving school?  ▷

If you do not cancel an in-class session, then you can make it up next time the courses are covering the session you missed free of charge. But if you do not cancel a scheduled in-car lesson, then we will charge you for the missed class, and you will have to pay for additional lessons to make up the missed class. There are no refunds, but we can give you credit for any of the driving school programs or services.

What if I do not cancel my scheduled road test with Ministry of Transportation
or arrive late for my schedule appointment?

If you do not cancel an appointment less than 48 hours or arrive late at the MTO drive test center for your road test, you will be charged a fee of $25 for not canceling, and an additional road test fee of $40 for the G2 test or $75 for the G test to book another road test. You can only book one road test appointment at a time.

What if I have my license and just need more confidence
driving in downtown or on the Highway/Freeway?

Then you will only need to take a few individual lessons with us, until you have acquired the proper defensive driving skills, and confidence.

What if I lost my G1 License or changed my address?  ▷

Then you must go personally to the nearest Drive Test office (www.drivetest.ca) or Licensing Issue Office with proper identification (passport, citizenship) to acquire a replacement G1 license or change of address. The fee is $10.


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