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9. Individual lessons

This program is designed for experienced drivers that need to refresh, sharpen or update their defensive driving skills in preparation for everyday driving or pass the road test. Students will gain experience in city, downtown, freeway and highway driving, and will improve their overall confidence for driving on all Ontario roads. Students will have the opportunity to practice on the road, and this course in designed for hands-on driving only.

We will maximize your minutes by picking you up and dropping you off at our center. This benefits the student because the instructor has designed specific lesson plans in designated areas of the city so that the student practices all the driving maneuvers, theories and rules of the road, according to the regulations of the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario and the Drive Test Centers. Each in-car session is a private lesson and no one else will be present in the car besides the student and instructor. Our method of teaching will consist of lecturing, demonstration, questioning, and written material that will reinforce the student’s learning curve. The school is conviniently located two blocks east of Dufferin Subway station.

Cost: $100 dollars (2 hours)
$50 dollars (1 hour)

Topics: Aim High, Steering, Accelerating, Stopping, Defensive Driving, Following, Distance, Stopping Distance, Point of No Return, Four Different Stop Signs and the Stopping Positions, Residential and Commercial Driving, Left and Right Turns, Changing Lanes, Parking: Up and Down Hill Parking, Parallel Parking, Three Point Turn, Emergency Parking, Perpendicular Parking, Angle Parking, Shopping Plaza Parking, and Back Parking, Highway and Freeway Driving, Road Test Simulation for G2 License or G License

In-Car Hours of Operation: Please call to book your appointments according to your time and schedule.

In-Car Sessions Schedule
Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm. Saturday & Sunday 10am to 1:00pm.


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