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7. In-Classroom only Package

This program is designed for new drivers or experienced drivers that need to refresh, sharpen, or update their theoretical skills on defensive driving principals and habits, and acquire the knowledge of what is required to pass the G2 and G road tests.

Students will be learning in a classroom environment where they will be given written material to read on defensive driving theory, watch videos on defensive driving demonstrations (how experienced drivers execute the driving techniques), listen to lectures on these topics to further clarify the material, and write comprehensive tests as an assessment of knowledge and retention of the information being taught. There will also be a questioning period where students will ask questions about the material being covered in class.

Cost: $250 dollars

Sessions: Topics are divided into six or four separate sessions. We do build on our sessions; therefore students cannot join our program at any time and but can make up any missed classes at any time within the six-month period of registering with our school.

Topics: Car in Canadian Society and its Effects, Traffic Rules Update, and Understanding the Graduated License System, Getting to Know How Your Car Functions and Safety Tips, Observation, Adverse Conditions, Demerit Point System, Drinking and Driving, and Consequences of Breaking the Law, Highway Driving and Freeway Driving, Buying a Car and Format of G2 and G Road Test.

Agenda: Breakdown of each topic. Sessions are 3 hours:

Approximate Time for each class
45 minutes - Reading
60 minutes - Lecturing
45 minutes - Questioning
15 minutes - Demonstration and Videos
15 minutes - Test, Mark Tests, Comments or Clarifications
3 hours: End of each topic or session

In-Class Hours of Operations: Please note that the classes will be cancelled on all holidays or long weekends. Please call the office to verify times. Sessions are offered four times a week:

In-Classroom Sessions:
Schedule 1 is on Monday, Tuesday and Friday nights 5:30pm to 9:30pm six session and you will finish the classroom within a week and half.
Schedule 2 is on Saturday mornings from 10am to 3:30pm for four weekends


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