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We have designed several driving programs to serve you better

Our policies are strict because of the way our driving programs are: designed, planned and executed. The student's hands-on practice is done on pre-designated areas similar to the road test centers in order to comply to road safety defensive driving and to acquire your driver's license. We will not pick up or drop off our students at any location other than our center. We are in the business of teaching students to drive defensively, and not in the business of taxi services of picking up or dropping off students from home to go to work or to attend a basketball game. Our system guarantees high quality service.

Therefore, we have disigned programs that will meet the driving goals and objectives of each student who have different driving needs and experience. Our students will enroll in one of the following programs or services based on their individual needs and experience:

  1. BDE Certificate Program
  2. Parkings Package
  3. Freeway/Highway Package
  4. Night Driving Package
  5. Winter Driving Package
  6. Improvement Driving Package
  7. In-Classroom only Package
  8. Individual lessons
  9. Vehicle Rentals for the G2 or G Road Tests

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