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Acquire a G1 License?  ▷

Stage one: The first step to acquiring a G1 license is to study the basic road signs and rules of the road in Ontario. You can purchase the booklet at our office or at most major retailers such as Canadian Tire, WalMart, Zellers or most convenient stores across Ontario for a price of $15.

Stage two: Once you have studied then you can proceed to next stage which is to find a drive test center at the nearest location to you. Visit www.drivetest.ca for the nearest location and times or call the MTO hotline at 416-325-8580. Please note that some MTO Drive Test Centers are open on Saturdays.

Stage three: Before you begin your written G1 knowledge test, you must present three pieces of Canadian ID such as: passport, social insurance, health card, temporary visitors permit, student visa, bank statements, or any other official government identification.

Stage four: After presenting your ID and paying all fees, you will proceed with an eye test to evaluate your vision. Do not forget to bring your prescription glasses or corrective eye lenses to the test. If you pass the eye test then you proceed to the final stage.

Stage five: You will write a knowledge test in English or French or in your mother tongue, by answering multiple-choice questions on the rules of the road in Ontario. If you successfully pass your written knowledge test, you will be given a G1 license for five years. The G1 license is required as identification to enroll in our Driving School Programs and booking any road tests with the MTO offices.

The fee for the G1 license is $85, plus an additional $40 fee to book and take the G2 Road Test for a total of $125. Please note that you can be credited with experienced driver status by presenting a valid driverís license with more than 2 years experience from another province or country (letter of consulate is needed verifying your license status from country of origin). Under such circumstances, you have the option of taking the G2 Road Test immediately, without the minimum waiting time of one year from the time of getting your G1 license. Also, you can go directly to the G Road Test without waiting to get tested for your G2 license. Please note that the fee for the G Road Test Booking is $75, and that you only have one opportunity to pass the G Road Test. If you fail, you must go back to reacquire the G2 license, and then proceed again to attempt to pass the G Road Test.

Reminder: If you only pay $85 for your G1 license, then you will not be able to book a G2 or G Road Test until you have paid the full fee. To save yourself time and additional hassle in the near future, we recommend that you pay your full fees ahead of time so that we can easily assist you with booking a Road Test.

Register for the Driving School Courses?  ▷

You must have a valid G1 license before you register to any driving school programs, including any in car or in classroom training. Once you have acquired a valid G1 driverís license, you can call our office to make an appointment to enroll in person in our driving school programs. We require that you please present us with two copies of the back and two copies of the front of your driverís license (light copies of the front and back for a total of four copies). We also require that you pay by cash or a cheque written out to Learnerís Academy Driving School LTD.

Book a road Test?  ▷

You must first pay the Road Test fee to the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario. You can call 416-325-8580 to pay your fee and book your appointment (Visa and MasterCard are accepted) or you can visit www.drivetest.ca to make your road test payments and book your appointment online. Please note that if you do not cancel an appointment less than 48 hours in advance or arrive late at the drive test center for your road test, you will be charged a fee of $25 for not canceling, and an additional fee of $40 for rebooking the G2 road test or $75 for rebooking the G road test. You can only book one road test appointment at a time.

Acquire a G2 or G License?  ▷

You must first acquire a G1 license (please read Acquire a G1 License). Once you have obtained your G1 license, you can enroll in an MTO approved driving school program. The MTO defensive driving school course consists of 25 hours in-classroom training and 10 hours of in-car sessions. Successful completion of these requirements allows you to attain an MTO Insurance Certificate.

The MTO Insurance Certificate will reduce your insurance premium by up to 25% and will also reduce the time you must wait to get an appointment for your driving test by four months. Such a reduction in waiting time means you could be eligible to obtain your license in eight months as opposed to the minimum one year waiting time, provided you complete an approved MTO driving school Insurance Certificate course sucessfully with a recognized MTO Driving School Insurance Certificate course provider. Learnerís Academy Driving School LTD is approved by the Ministry of Transportation to provide Insurance Certificate courses, and is registered with the Toronto Municipal Licensing office to operate driving school services.

Once you have completed the required course, you can book an appointment for your G2 road test (approximate waiting time is 2 months). The G2 test fee is $40 and the test is approximately 10 to 15 minutes in length. The test will evaluate your defensive and safe driving skills on commercial and residential roads and in shopping centers roads, as well as your parking maneuvers.

After you pass and retain your G2 license for a minimum period of one year then you can proceed to book a G road test. The cost of the test is $75, and the test is approximately 30 to 40 minutes in length, depending on traffic. The examiner will evaluate your parking maneuvers, defensive driving skills and rules of the roads on commercial and residential roads, in shopping centers roads, and on highways and freeways. Once you pass your G road test you will receive a temporary G license until the official license arrives by mail to your residence. You must complete the Graduated Licensing system within 5 years from the starting date of you G1 license or else you must start all over again, beginning from reacquiring the G1 license.


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